Attend the Tale of Sawney Bean

Hist-eerie Podcast

03-09-2018 • 29 mins

WARNING: EXPLICIT!  GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF VIOLENCE, GORE.  This episode is NOT for the young, the sensitive, or the faint of heart. The general public's appetite worldwide for Sawney Bean, the Caledonian Cannibal, seems unending.  But is his gruesome tale only folklore?  Or did Sawney Bean really exist in medieval Scotland?  Without documentation, we should take such stories of cannibalism with a pinch of salt (heh, heh).  Yet in the bloody heart of every legend lies the darkest truth.  So in this episode of Hist-eerie, we'll explore Scotland's long, strange history of cannibalism through its folklore, historical fact, and from those who know the tales better than anyone...from the ghosts of victims, and of the cannibals themselves. Support the Podcast: References, Credits on the Hist-eerie Website: "Like" Hist-eerie On Facebook: Follow Diane On Twitter: Thank You For Listening!