Senator Rob Black talks about life in the Chamber of Sober Second Thought and agriculture policy, plus food security and restaurants in the next wave of the pandemic and the joy of home gardens

The Food Professor

01-10-2020 • 45 mins

Welcome to the The Food Professor podcast episode 10, I’m Michael LeBlanc, and I’m Sylvain Charlebois!

Keep calm and carry on, wave two crashes into Quebec and Ontario - and why is it paper towels first?!?!?!?  Is the food supply safe - should we panic should we be worried?  How are retailers and the supply chain getting ready?

News doesn't get any better for bars and restaurants - here Ontario medical director says just close them:    ....but Restaurants Canada says 86% of Canadians don't want restaurants shut down...and are asking for U.K. style incentives

Special Guest:  Senator Robert Black

What is it like to testify - 8x - do they ask the tough questions?  Liked the point why political, they have a much longer lens so they can be much more substantive and avoid what we witnessed in the "hero pay" testimony by the big Canadian grocers

Grocery Bill getting bigger?  Insights coming out of the work towards the latest Canada Food Price report in December?

Almost ready for harvest - Sneak Peek - next up in the Agri-Food Analytics Lab research: home gardening


Thanks to Senator Rob Black for being our guest on this episode of The Food Professor podcast!

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Have a safe week everyone!

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He has authored five books on global food systems, his most recent one published in 2017 by Wiley-Blackwell entitled “Food Safety, Risk Intelligence and Benchmarking”. He has also published over 500 peer-reviewed journal articles in several academic publications. Furthermore, his research has been featured in several newspapers and media groups, including The Lancet, The Economist, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, BBC, NBC, ABC, Fox News, Foreign Affairs, the Globe & Mail, the National Post and the Toronto Star.

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