A Sounder Life Episode 3 with guest Natalie Ferguson

A Sounder Life - Musings of a Serial Founder with interesting and inspirational guests

13-11-2022 • 1 hr 43 mins

Kia ora!

Welcome to Episode 3 :)

Still playing with formats but I’m particularly excited about this episode with my first guest - Natalie Ferguson.

As per the “run and gun” format of A Sounder Life, we started with an Agenda which went out the window pretty much after we started talking.

Instead, we began a chat around Nat’s research, passion and purpose to create solutions for improving the metrics around women in leadership.

There was too much goodness in the chat so I didn’t want to edit any of it out hence my opening ramble is shorter than normal in this episode.

Special Guest Bio - Natalie Ferguson
(there would have been a photo if I could have worked out how to shrink it to fit)

Nat is a fellow Sounder - she’s spent her career starting and scaling tech companies. After a successful exit from Hatch in December 2021, Nat got curious about the future of work. The stats reflect her experience - diverse organisations perform better, yet globally, women still make up just 8% of corporate CEOs and 29% of board seats. Combining the lack of progress in gender equity with global megatrends towards hybrid, flexible, purposeful work, this is a problem that’s time has well and truly come. Powrsuit is the start of her solution; a community adopting a fresh form of leadership - one that’s better for people, profit and the planet.

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