Crowned BEAUTY QUEEN at the age of 59!

Women Influencers Talk Show

05-11-2022 • 19 mins

Anjulika Bhagchandani
Born in a very humble Sindhi household where girls are to be married earliest but her Father was a different Man of wonderous principles who believed in the education of Girl child and dreamt of sending her to Medical school In Pune to do MBBS and Universe granted him the wish .. IAnjulika became a Doctor .. practicing Medicine, however constitutionally probably she was born Poet, Writer, Journalist so first she followed her Father’s Dream and then Hers !!!

She is still not a Journalist but she is passionately involved in the Creative Field of Film making, Writing, and now performing on-screen too !!! In her childhood The Wind beneath her Wings was her Dad, as she got older It’s her ever-loving Family!

Blessed to have a Life Partner who never questions and always supports her not so traditional choices as big as shutting down the clinic for two months and going to FTII to learn Documentary Filmmaking as she was fascinated by the idea of making Autobiographical films of Regular people!
Poet in Her belives
हम सबकी कहानी एक जैसी होती है ..
लम्हों का सफ़र तो सबका वही होता है ,
बस यादोंके स्टेशन अलग अलग होते हैं !
That’s how her Journey in the Creative field begun then she wrote Radio plays for Banyan tree Communications, She wrote Mahabharat and Ramayan in Radio plays Format!
She has worked as a Cosmetologist with the leading Beauty Brand KAYA SKINCARE CLINIC.
and now has won the Title of Mrs West India 2020 (Mrs. Confident)
Kudos to her!