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The Epstein Spectacle: A Media Charade Exposed
The Epstein Spectacle: A Media Charade Exposed
In this episode of "FUNK !T - Mindful Media & Communication," we're peeling back the layers of the media extravaganza surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. It's less about unmasking the culprits and more about unveiling the media puppeteers.Witness the grand illusion of agenda-setting, where the media isn't just telling the story; it's crafting an entire narrative. We'll dissect how framing theory becomes a tool for narrative acrobatics, turning scandal into sensation and vice versa. Gatekeeping? More like gate-crashing in the world of selective information and convenient omissions.Our journey takes us through the twisted alleyways of cultivation theory, where scandals are normalized as part of the daily news diet. We'll explore the spiral of silence, not just as a theory, but as a backstage pass to the echo chamber of mainstream narratives.Dive into the media's murky waters, where symbolic interactionism meets the reality distortion field. And don't miss the primacy and recency effect - the media's version of 'now you see it, now you don’t'.Join mefor an episode that delves deep into the media's playbook in the Epstein narrative. It's not just another story; it's a masterclass in media manipulation. Buckle up for a ride through the rollercoaster of media dynamics in one of the most sensational stories of our times.#Media #Communication #Podcast --- Send in a voice message: