Animals ft. NOTD!

Planet Weirdo with Holly H

12-05-2022 • 30 mins

Join Holly H and Georgina Revell as they journey through time, space and your local zoo … touching down on a planet that’s made up of pure weirdness. Each week Holly and G will be exploring what it is to be weird – because we’re all weirdos in our own way, right?

Today, Holly and G dive into the animal kingdom! Holly shares some weird animal facts and the strangest pets she’s ever had, while G delights us with a tale about Britain’s Most Wanted bee. Later, Holly’s joined by Swedish musical duo NOTD. Sam and Tobi tell Holly about their most embarrassing on-stage moments, and we listen in horror as the trio discusses dramatic hamster incidents.

If you’d like to say hello or tell us about what makes *you* weird – our DMs are open at @planetweirdopod on Twitter and our email address is planetweirdoholly@gmail.com!

Join Holly, G and another special guest next Friday… and in the meantime STAY WEIRD!

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