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Goodyear 400 at Darlington Raceway

Bet The Board

11-05-2023 • 47 mins

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Todd and Chris have hit the gas with Season 2 of Stay Green by making the trek to Dover. Todd and Chris are putting things in high gear from Darlington and they do so just before before things to a less than serious tone. With the books adjusting and odds looking differently, Todd and Chris put a microscope on some new numbers. The fellas will also serve you with news, information, and lines leading up to the race along with a change in a few figures. A different sprinkle this year will be some fun interviews added to the show to you all of us greater insight and another perspective into what is going on and off the track. Todd and Chris depart from pit row to the starting grid to discuss drivers, tracks, terminology, points, standings, and a BEST BET!

▶️ Stage 1 - Race Recap (2:22)

▶️ Stage 2 - Bracket Designs (10:45)

▶️ Stage 3 - Goodyear 400 (17:36)

▶️ Best Bet - (44:06)

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