Translating Successes Of Wildfire Technology Applications Into The Electric Utility Industry


04-03-2021 • 33 mins

Are you responsible for wildfire risk & mitigation efforts at a utility organization? Are you

making operational decisions using accurate, real-time weather data? Are you using the latest in automated camera technology to have greater visibility of your assets and infrastructure throughout your areas of interest in the landscape? A critical component of wildfire mitigation is the ability to assess and forecast the wildfire risk based on weather conditions in the context of overall risk to electric grid operations.

Listen to Paul Hutton interview Shawn Bethel, Director of Business Development and

Wildfire Mitigation Specialist for FTS – Forest Technology Systems, the global leader in fire weather networks & wildfire situational awareness monitoring. Learn about the importance of having a dedicated fire weather network with accurate, reliable weather data to analyze wildfire risk potential and how electric utilities are taking advantage of both legacy and emerging situational awareness technologies to comply with electric utility authority regulations and support best practices while keeping people in their communities safe from the negative impacts from wildfire.

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