17-02-2021 • 16 mins

Our latest conversation is with Patrick Schwobe, Principal Engineer of Advanced Product Development for TLX Technologies, an engineering and manufacturing company that makes custom actuators, solenoids, and valves for the fire suppression market.

Patrick discusses one of their newest products, a liquid level sensor to measure the levels of extinguishing agent in system tanks. These levels need to be routinely measured to ensure the system will have the necessary agent to operate properly.

Current solutions for measuring these levels include using an integrated measuring tape, measuring with an ultrasonic level indicator from outside each tank, or weighing each tank individually. TLX’s liquid level sensor works differently than current alternatives in the market, offering a faster, more reliable reading. It’s the safest and most accurate solution on the market.

In our conversation with Patrick, we find out why TLX’s liquid level measurement device is different from other existing solutions, how it captures, stores, and communicates data, and how and when it can be installed on fire suppression systems.

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