Nomex® Xtreme Performance: Meeting the needs of our fire fighters


11-04-2022 • 22 mins

DuPont is more focused than ever on providing safety solutions that emergency responders need to do their job safely and effectively.

As we have engaged with departments around the world, a consistent theme emerged – there was a true need for an organized portfolio of innovative PPE solutions that offer emergency responders an ideal balance of long-lasting flame-resistant protection, comfort and durability they need when answering any call.

Nomex® Xtreme Performance meets the needs of our fire fighters by speaking to the performance, comfort, and durability of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) solutions made with the important building blocks of DuPont™ Nomex® & Kevlar®, and when combined with some or other innovations like PBO, Nomex® Nano, and Nomex® Nano Flex, deliver the highest, most innovative levels of protection and performance throughout protective gear available in the industry.

Additional benefits of Nomex® Xtreme Performance solutions include a simplified expectation of performance attributes that enables garment specifiers to easily identify the PPE option that is appropriate for the hazards at hand. Solutions in the Nomex® Xtreme Performance category offer ease of selection for both structural and nonstructural firefighting gear, with a consistency in availability of the solutions offered worldwide.

When coupled with the innovations of our partner gear manufacturers, Nomex(R) Xtreme Performance Solutions benefits are amplified into the latest, state of the art technologies to provide the highest levels of protection and heat stress management to the ever-changing needs of the firefighter.

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