The Explosion Proof Actuator From TLX Technologies


04-10-2021 • 16 mins

Our latest conversation is with Jason Busalacchi and Andrew Biehl from TLX Technologies, an engineering and manufacturing company that produces custom actuators, solenoids, and valves for the fire suppression market.

Jason and Andrew discuss one of TLX’s latest products: the Explosion Proof Actuator with Supervision. While standard supervised latching solenoid actuators meet the needs of most gaseous fire suppression systems, they cannot be used in hazardous locations.

Many hazardous location systems rely on a combination of electric and pneumatic actuators and require separate enclosures to prevent flame propagation. The Explosion Proof Actuator with Supervision is a simpler, more reliable solution.

In our conversation with Jason and Andrew, we find out why the Explosion Proof Actuator with Supervision is different from other hazardous location solutions and delve into its special design features that allowed it to achieve UL HazLoc, ATEX, and IECEx certifications.