Stuff Mom Never Told You


Through an intersectional feminist perspective, hosts Anney and Samantha dive into science, history, and culture to make sense of the everyday and unpack the stories that brought us to where we are today. This podcast aims to better understand the challenges facing women and marginalized folks all over the world and highlights the tools we can use to tackle them head on.

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Our Editor's Take

The Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast is a show for women that lives up to its title. It explores key feminist issues in a light and engaging manner. The show has conversations and debates daily. Anney Reese and Samantha McVey are the current hosts of the program. The podcast began in 2009 and holds its place as one of the oldest podcasts in existence.

Reese has an impressive history. She also cohosts the Savor podcast, a show on food history. In addition to being a cohost of Stuff Mom Never Told You, she also has been a producer and editor. She also does similar roles at McVey adds an unmatched energy to the program. As a passionate podcaster and feminist, she discusses her strong beliefs in social justice. Reese and McVey built a riveting connection over time. Their synergy leads to engaging discussions on this podcast.

The Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast spans a range of conversations. Misogyny, sextortion, and portrayals in pop culture are a few subjects explored. They address historical, strategic, and emotional aspects of recent feminist milestones. They also address upcoming matters in the podcast. It extends beyond a listening experience.It also serves as a platform for learning. The hosts go beyond incorporating personal stories and views into historical feminist movements. They explore current issues too.

Guests add depth to the conversations on the podcast, creating its distinct appeal. Notable profiles have appeared on the program. These include Lauren Vogelbaum, Bridget Todd, and Raquel Willis.

Reese and McVey's zeal continues in their book, Stuff Mom Never Told You. It further exhibits their efforts to educate people about feminism. They also give the utmost importance to interaction with their listeners. The podcast has an active social media presence.

The Stuff Mom Never Told You has a mix of history, personal narratives, and guest interviews. They offer a valuable experience for its listeners.

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