Episode 11: Dave Grant on a Roadmap to a Thriving RIA Practice

...For Advisors

19-11-2019 • 29 mins

“A lot of it was content marketing. You know, as you start an RIA, you've got nothing but time on your hands if you're starting from scratch with zero clients. So a lot of it was understanding what problems I am finding in my own situation and writing about it. Writing is almost a form of therapy for me. I need to do it else I just go haywire. So I was writing a lot. I then started turning those into videos. I was then approaching school districts to say, "I've got all this knowledge here. I am guessing you don't have anyone in your district who is giving this knowledge back to teachers to help the m understand their situation without coming in with a product pitch as well." Some districts were very open to me coming in and doing seminars with a veil disguise of, "I do consult with teachers to help them with their situation, but there's no product pitches here either." And that's how I started to gain some of my early clients.”

If you’re looking for a growth path, and have clients with something unique in common, or some specialized expertise or insight, Dave Grant offers a roadmap for how to take those elements and turn them into a thriving practice. Don’t miss this high-impact half hour discussion of how Dave took a handful of teachers, some insight, some writing skills and some web savvy and turned it into something poised for continued growth and rising revenue.

Dave Grant of Retirement Matters, Inc. in Barrington, Illinois, earned his CFP® in 2007 and started retirement matters as a fee-only RIA in 2013 specializing in helping Illinois teachers and corporate executives turn retirement investments into a workable stream of income in retirement. Dave writes a column for Financial Planning Magazine and has won multiple awards for his work as a consultant with financial planning technology firms finds it rewarding to work with younger advisors, providing them with greater expertise in retirement planning.

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