119: Cat o’ Nine Tales: The Animal’s Mick Gallagher


07-05-2022 • 24 mins

Twenty years of interviewing fabulous musicians is no mean feat and I thought it deserved some kind of celebration, or at least to be marked in history for posterity.

So, I’ve recorded Cat O’nine Tales; nine special episodes of CATtales to look back on those early encounters where the recordings of the interviews no longer survive and the details only remain in written form.

After introducing my guest, I’ll give you a link address to read the interview and play some of their key hits for you to listen to whilst you enjoy it.

Thank you to you the listeners and my fabulous guests for your support over the years, I hope you enjoy these special 9 Tales.

Tale 6:

There are few keyboard players as accomplished as Mick Gallagher. He’s contributed to albums by iconic punk-rockers The Clash, played with Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, Robbie Williams, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox, and been a right Animal!

But he’s most well-known for being a member of Ian Dury and The Blockheads. Three years after Ian’s passing, Mick chatted frankly about life with Ian, the future of The Blockheads and what it’s like to work with so many iconic names.

This tale dates back to 9 November 2003, visit CATtales.co.uk/119 for the one with Mick Gallagher and sit back and enjoy these tunes.