💖 59. Love on the Author

Life Coaching Classroom with Michelle Shutter - Life Coaching for Women

29-12-2022 • 22 mins

Exactly what have you done to love on the author of your story?  Our first thought is to beat our self up because we are not where we “think we should be”.  Where exactly should you be anyway?

With this thought, our focus becomes centered on lack.  The lack of not having what we are seeking.  The lack of our desire.  When we focus on lack or scarcity, we are aligning with a lower vibrational energy.  How can you bring forward what you want if you continue to be in a lower energy?  Your desire is not aligned with lower energies.

In this episode, we share one of the ways to love on the author so that you can shift your focus to one that aligns with your desires and to start moving up the energy ladder.

You must become energetically aligned with your new story.

Would you be opposed letting go of your old story to align with a new story that serves you at a deeper level?  It’s time to rise above your story.

You can catch the replay of the December Unit Study, Rise Above Your Story, by visiting www.lifecoachingclassroom.com/unit.  Once the no charge access has expired, it will be available in the LIfe Coaching Classroom Library.  www.lifecoachingclassroom.com/library


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