💖 62. Don’t Give Up on 2023 Goals Yet!

Life Coaching Classroom with Michelle Shutter - Life Coaching for Women

10-01-2023 • 16 mins

It’s getting to be that time where we want to give up on our goals for the year.  Life starts to get back into a routine and somehow our goals get ditched.

Why?  Our commitment begins to waiver, our believeability level drops and we question our decisions.   The old habits hop back in the driver seat, the familiar emotion of disappointment rears its ugly head and old patterns loop in our mind.

In this episode, we share the Pivot Process.  It is a 2 step process that you can apply to any goal, intention, situation, event, thought etc.  It moves you back into alignment with what you are seeking.

Applying this process will support you in shifting your energy.  Keep in mind that it’s not perfect right from the beginning.  It’s a gradual process that needs to be built just like a muscle.  It requires a conscious choice.

Don’t give up on 2023 goals yet…apply the Pivot Process!


There’s a few spots that have opened up for 1:1 coaching!  If you are looking for support with your goals and the changes that will be happening in 2023, reach out so we can book a call.  If it’s a good fit, great.  If not, great.  This is your journey…just know that it wasn’t meant to walk alone.

Send me a direct message or email me at hello@lifecoachingclassroom.com and we’ll get you on the calendar.


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