Episode 52: The #1 Influence Of How You Can Set Goals On Autopilot

HealthyMe HealthyWe - The Podcast

27-01-2021 • 19 mins

If we can intentionally design this and any other environment, we’ll make improving ourselves almost inevitable.” - Benjamin Hardy, PhD

For me this rings so true, and I’ve definitely noticed it in my family as well.

We're all gung-ho on our goals the first week of January, but come February, you’ll fall into that trap that over 92% of the population falls into if you set them the same way you’ve always done it.

If you’re ready to make your healthy resolutions stick in 2021, here’s what you need to know what the biggest influence in your goals is, and how to set them on autopilot to reach them stress-free.

The first thing to do is take one of those habits, and decrease your need to decide how it will go. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter. You want to focus your attention on the times when it does. That’s power!

Next, ask yourself these three questions for a quick win to reduce that decision fatigue and make it more likely you will easily and enjoyably reach your goals:

Is your environment serving you?

What’s the most difficult thing for you to avoid in your house/office/car?

What can you replace it with to reduce using your willpower and creating decision fatigue?

In the end, Your environment is something you can’t ignore or avoid- it’s always around you, and you must surround yourself with what and who will help reduce resistance to your goals, not increase it, or exhaust your willpower.

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