CFD 195 - David T.S. Wood Gives Us the Keys to Be Great Communicators

Cashflow Diary™

10-08-2015 • 58 mins

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest David T.S. Wood knows a thing or two about helping businesses and raising capital for lots of reasons. He’s trained tens of thousands of people and today David is on a mission, which is to train 10,000 trainers so he can help even more people. Founder of Amplified Living, David left home at a very young age and started working. He wasn’t exactly the best student, so he decided to work and travel. This included a trip to Tunisia that opened his eyes. He started looking at people, how they lived, how they dealt with life and so much more. It was the beginning of a 10-year life experience that was so unique that he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Accidentally he started hanging out with people who had a different approach to life and a different belief system than the friends he left behind at home. He says that if you feel bad after hanging out with the people you spend the most time with it is time to find new friends. So when did David find his footing? As an Emcee at a wedding. He says he did such a horrid job that his mind couldn’t let go of it. Eventually he and his wife went to an elite transformational camp lead by Harv Eker. He decided then and there that he would become a top trainer. He spent a lot of time getting there, but he made it. And now he’s on a path to train 10,000 trainers. During this enlightening interview, David talks about how he was able to transform a personal defeat to something that put him on the path to success. He became a fantastic communicator who teaches others to communicate. David has achieved a lot in his life… and has come a long way as an Emcee. He now Emcees about two weddings a year! Listen to David as he talks about how we communicate and how we have to embrace the non-verbal connections to be better verbal communicators. Learn the skills you need to master to be powerful in front of an audience. Of course, that’s just one of the topics David and I talk about in this episode, including why every master was once a disaster.