Samir Selmanović, Ph.D. PCC

In Conversation… with Frank Schaeffer

03-03-2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

Frank Schaeffer In Conversation with Author, Coach, and Turn Lab Founder, Samir Selmanović, Ph.D. PCC, exploring his work helping leaders thrive both personally and professionally by embracing the experience of human life.
"I have been an engineer, a minister, a political activist, and an executive coach, lucky to have worked with more than 50 organizations. I also had a fair share of forcing change on myself, the people I love, and the world. There's a way to make things happen that is more self-compassionate, joyful, and real. Take courage. Together, we can turn the impossible into the inevitable."

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In Conversation… with Frank Schaeffer is a production of the George Bailey Morality in Public Life Fellowship. It is hosted by Frank Schaeffer, author of Fall In Love, Have Children, Stay Put, Save the Planet, Be Happy.

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In Conversation… with Frank Schaeffer Podcast

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