Ep. 199: Why Women Lose Self-Trust And How To Get It Back

The Hello Someday Podcast For Sober Curious Women

01-02-2024 • 1 hr 16 mins

High-achieving women who struggle with alcohol are often smart, hard working and struggle with trusting in their own worth, instincts and decisions.  If this is you, you’re probably extremely capable but live with insecurity, a healthy fear of failure and a loud inner-critic.  You might look to your boss, partner, parents or friends for approval and validation of your work.  You might have a hard time drawing boundaries or feel like you can never relax because you could be doing more. And you might drink to quiet the constant chatter in your mind. Before I stopped drinking I identified as a people-pleaser and an overachiever who lived with a somewhat constant fear of failure, a need for approval and a lot of self doubt.  I started relying on wine to turn off my busy mind, let me relax and quiet my insecurities.  But ironically, once I started drinking to cope it became even harder to trust my choices, feel confident and capable. I asked my friend Sara Dean, a business and leadership coach and the host of the Shameless Mom Academy Podcast, to help us understand why women lose self-trust and how to get it back. 3 Ways I Can Support You In Drinking Less + Living More Join The Sobriety Starter Kit, the only sober coaching course designed specifically for busy women. My proven, step-by-step sober coaching program will teach you exactly how to stop drinking — and how to make it the best decision of your life. Save your seat in my FREE MASTERCLASS, 5 Secrets To Successfully Take a Break From Drinking  Grab the Free 30-Day Guide To Quitting Drinking, 30 Tips For Your First Month Alcohol-Free. Connect with me for free sober coaching tips, updates + videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok @hellosomedaysober. Connect with Casey McGuire Davidson To find out more about Casey and her coaching programs, head over to www.hellosomedaycoaching.com

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