Ep. 217: 10 Sober Travel Tips You Need For Your Next Alcohol-Free Vacation

The Hello Someday Podcast For Sober Curious Women

06-06-2024 • 1 hr 9 mins

Sober travel can feel like you're running through a gauntlet of offers and opportunities to drink. From airport bars to business dinners to all inclusive cocktails, alcohol seems to be everywhere when you are trying to not drink. But I'm going to set you up for success so you'll be able to enjoy and appreciate sober travel (even if every trip you’ve taken since college has featured cocktails on the beach, wine tasting tours and boozy pubs). With these 10 tips you'll be able to navigate your next business trip and sober vacation like a pro! I asked Margaret Ward, who has led alcohol-free trips for women in Greece, Croatia, Norway, Italy and Portugal to join me to share our tips and strategies that will help you plan and enjoy sober vacations, survive airports, business trips and visits with the in-laws without diving into a bottle of wine.  4 Ways I Can Support You In Drinking Less + Living More Join The Sobriety Starter Kit, the only sober coaching course designed specifically for busy women. My proven, step-by-step sober coaching program will teach you exactly how to stop drinking — and how to make it the best decision of your life. Save your seat in my FREE MASTERCLASS, 5 Secrets To Successfully Take a Break From Drinking  Grab the Free 30-Day Guide To Quitting Drinking, 30 Tips For Your First Month Alcohol-Free. Connect with me for free sober coaching tips, updates + videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok @hellosomedaysober. Connect with Casey McGuire Davidson To find out more about Casey and her coaching programs, head over to www.hellosomedaycoaching.com

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