17: 3 Things Holding You Back and 3 Ways to Build Confidence: With Ryan Crittenden

Lead With Confidence

08-02-2024 • 39 mins

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This week's guest is Ryan Crittenden

Ryan is an Army veteran with leadership experience in for-profit, non-profit and entrepreneurial experiences. His focus is helping leaders, teams and organizations know and love their strengths and flourish in them. Ryan obtained his Ph. D in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in December of 2021.

3 thoughts holding us back, and intentional mindset shifts to move forward with confidence.

  1. “I look funny.” – Self-perception impacts confidence.
  2. “I’m scared.” – Courage isn’t the opposite of fear.
  3. “I’m not qualified” - Being willing to try is a qualification in itself.

3 ways to build confidence from scratch.

  1. Identify your personality tendencies through an assessment
  2. Find your interests through trial and error
  3. Get uncomfortable!

You can find Ryan on his website or on Linkedin

Check out Ryan’s book recommendations:

Failing Forward and 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth | John C. Maxwell

Authentic Leadership | Bill George

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