23: Curiosity Unleashed: Navigating the Journey of Intuitive Eating

Lead With Confidence

21-03-2024 • 49 mins

Hey Friends!

This week's guest is Katy Harvey,

Katy is a midwest girl, a non-diet dietitian and the host of the Rebuilding Trust With Your Body podcast. She specializes in intuitive eating and helping women ditch dieting, stress less about food and make peace with their bodies so they can feel comfortable in their own skin and live life more fully. Katy is all about eating the foods you love, unapologetically, without going overboard. She fully believes that you can eat for satisfaction while also honoring your health.

What we discuss in today's episode.

  • The Connection between health and leadership
  • Impact of personal development on mindset
  • Importance of curiosity in the journey of intuitive eating
  • How to navigate self sabotage
  • The role of macronutrients in the body
  • How to incorporate sweets and treats in a balanced way for our kids

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