TNT Co-Host Bob Lazzari, Renowned Golf Course Designer Bill Bergin & Top 100 Instructor Tom Patri talk Travelers Champion, course design & where the USGA keeps getting it wrong on Next on the Tee.

next on the tee Golf Podcast

04-07-2018 • 1 hr 17 mins

On this episode of Next on the Tee my guests are: my Thursday Night Tailgate Co-Host Bob Lazzari, renowned Golf Course Designer and one of Golf Inc. Magazine's Top 10 Most Innovative People in Golf, Bill Bergin and Top 100 Instructor Tom Patri.

Bob Lazzari - Bob lives in Eastern Connecticut and covers the Travelers Championship every year. He breaks down the tournament and the great things he saw from this year's winner Bubba Watson. He also talked about what it was like to be greenside last year when Jordan Spieth hit the shot of the year, chipping in from the sand to win in sudden death over Danile Berger.

Bill Bergin - Bill talks about his course design strategies and utilizing the Long Leaf Tee initiative which is a set of 7 tee boxes and you choose the tee to play based on how far you hit your driver. It makes the game more fun because you play the course length appropriate for your game. We also talked about the new 6 hole pitch & putt courses he designs that help you improve your short game which you can play in under an hour.

Tom Patri - Tom helped run the practice facility at Shinnecock Hills during the US Open. He shared his thoughts on the USGA, how they set up the course and why they keep getting it wrong. He also shared a couple of playing lessons for how to putt bermuda greens plus how to hit better tee shots into a stiff head wind.