The College Planning Process Part 1: Cruel Optimism

Emotional Balance Sheet with Paul Fenner

20-05-2021 • 27 mins

Are you concerned about the rising costs of college?  What college or university would best fit your kids? Or curious about how critical a mentor for your kids in college could be?

This week I kick off a special three-part series focused on the college planning process.  It’s not just about saving, financial aid, or loans.  The college process that I am building at TAMMA is a comprehensive look at how to plan, have conversations with your kids, and the right questions to ask students and college administrators, and professors.

In part one, I look at the cruel optimism we face as parents when it comes to balancing all the financial and lifestyle challenges facing us.  Part two is focused on how to find a college or university that best fits your kids.  And part three, I cover how to take the financial guesswork out of the college planning process.

I hope that you enjoy part one of our college planning process series.

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