S2 E21: Table Talk

The Freedom Guild

11-01-2024 • 33 mins

The party sits down to engage in some diplomacy and peacefully reach a fair deal for the people of Harmony Hills. Death threats almost immediately ensue.

Thanks for listening to The Freedom Guild, an Actual Play D&D podcast/web series! Here we provide fantasy adventure with a slice of light hearted political humor.

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Nick Brigadier as Libertarius Beefslice XXV, Half Orc Paladin of Freedom

Steven Trolinger as Septimus Goldenmane, High Elven Rogue of Mischief

Lauren Kennedy as Rosina Riveterio, Gnomish Ranger of the Bud

Bill Pilkonis as Abe Satarra, Infernal Druid of Flame


Rob Parry as the rest

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