Managing your time at work and 'The 3pm slump'

EQ MINDS: Recharge Your Mental Health

22-05-2018 • 10 mins

Why do our brains need a break every 90 minutes during the day? Is it scientifically proven that our brains go into a slump mid afternoon? Practical tools of how to get the most juice out of your brain during the working day! Co-hosted by Chris Allen, a retired Major and former paratrooper. He served with the Australian Army including attachments to the New Zealand Army, the British Parachute Regiment and deployments to Africa, South East Asia and Central America. Chris’s INTREPID series featuring Alex Morgan has an international following and has been optioned for film and television. Chris is a speaker in demand and has featured at the Sydney Writers Festival, the Perth Arts Festival and has been a regular speaker at the NSW Writers Centre. Website: ​Instagram: ​ Facebook: ​LinkedIn: ​