Confidence in Your Closet - with Cheena Kumar

The Brand Boss Show

23-08-2022 • 30 mins

"We are our own billboard. What are you declaring about yourself with your clothing?"

Cheena Kumar is a personal stylist, model, singer, and style coach. I'm also honored to call her my very dear friend. And when I need styling advice, she's the first one I call. In fact, it was her style and the way she showed up in the room that first connected us a few years ago.

This episode is rich with powerful, quick tips, emotional intelligence and color psychology insights, and so many nuggets of wisdom I had to go back and take notes! If you have ever woken up thinking, "what do I wear today?" or wondered what outfit to wear to your next big meeting... this episode is for you.

Because, as Cheena reminds us, all of us have confidence in our closet, and we can put that on at anytime. How do we do that? Listen in.

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