It's Not About You, But it Starts There - with the Planman, Bruce Weinstein

The Brand Boss Show

06-08-2022 • 33 mins

"This was all very foreign to me, but I just embraced it and jumped in!" - Bruce Weinstein

These days many business owners find ourselves wearing an additional hat we didn't know we were signing up for - the role of content creator. "But with a business to run, how am I supposed to do that?" I've heard so many ask.

This week's guest is no stranger to that struggle. From building a successful personal brand and a podcast following, to navigating social media algorithms, AND running a successful insurance business... How does he juggle it all without going too crazy? (Well, except for maybe being Crazy Uncle Bruce...) That's what I'm asking the Planman! Listen in as my friend and fellow business owner Bruce Weinstein shares his journey and helpful insights he's learned along the way.

And be sure to catch my episode on his Ask the Planman podcast next week for Part 2!

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