Real Talk about Reels, Part 1 - with Heather Hukari

The Brand Boss Show

11-10-2022 • 26 mins

When you think about making reels, does it make your stomach turn? Do you cringe a little maybe? Or think, "But I don't dance?!"

Whatever your reaction business owners, most of us have had one. I sure did.

Here's some tough love truth. If you and I want to reach the people we're here to impact on social media in 2022 - we're going to need short form video content.

So, how do you make reels? And, more importantly - how do you make reels work for you?

In this episode, short form video-on-your-phone expert Heather Hukari and I dive into some no holds barred #realtalk about reels - the mindsets, the myths, and the cringey...and what you need to know right now to start leveraging reels effectively for your business. Listen in for Part 1, and stay tuned next week for Part 2!

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