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You came to the right place if you're a skilled musician looking to break free from the 9-5, the public school system, the gigging trading time for money, and the one-to-one teaching studios.
Here at the  Business For Musicians Podcast, you'll learn all the tips, tricks, tools, and knowledge that have allowed me to build a MULTI-SIX-FIGURE music education Business online.

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Revolutionizing Music Education: Integrating Technology with Katie Argyle of Midnight Music
Revolutionizing Music Education: Integrating Technology with Katie Argyle of Midnight Music
Are you looking to integrate technology into your music teaching practice? Then, join us as we sit down with Katie Argyle, the mastermind behind Midnight Music, an online membership program revolutionizing music education. Katie's journey from a music student working in a retail music shop to a technology educator for music teachers is filled with fascinating insights and practical advice. We get into the nitty-gritty of her transition from live workshops to the digital space, her obstacles, and her secret to overcoming them. We spent much time unpacking the robust marketing strategy propelling Midnight Music to succeed. Katie sheds light on content-driven marketing, the power of a solid email list, and her approach to growing her membership program. We also dive into the intricacies of running an online business—creating engaging content, managing specialized teams, and delegating responsibilities. With a knack for adapting to changing landscapes, Katie shares her experience of tweaking business strategies amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.Our conversation with Katie also delves into the challenges of finding the right team members for a virtual outfit, her method of batching tasks, and her innovative approach to creating content for her courses. Katie also shares her insights on handling the 'teaching technology' aspect, emphasizing the importance of not assuming knowledge and not making people feel inadequate. This insightful discussion brings valuable lessons for anyone interested in blending music education with technology, running an online business, or learning from a unique success story.Check out Katie's website:
E4: Building a Profitable Online Music Business: An Insightful Journey with Dayquan Bowens
E4: Building a Profitable Online Music Business: An Insightful Journey with Dayquan Bowens
>> Rate and review in Apple Podcast Have you ever dreamed of leaving the nine-to-five grind behind and making a living doing what you love? In our latest episode, online music sensation Dayquan Bowens shows you how he did just that. Starting from humble beginnings in Syracuse, NY, Dayquan shares his journey of growing from a novice YouTuber showcasing his hometown and talent to an international sensation teaching gospel piano online.When Dayquan chose gospel music as his focus genre, he discovered a gap in the online gospel curriculum. His determination to fill this gap led him to overcome personal struggles with self-doubt, striving to balance entertainment with practical knowledge. Listen in as he shares the importance of building a robust local following before branching out to national and international stages and how finding your unique approach in the music industry is crucial to success.He discusses various ways to monetize social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, and how to leverage your audience for branding deals and affiliate marketing—Have you ever wondered how to start generating income with a small number of subscribers? Dayquan shares his insights into how even an audience of just 2000 subscribers can be turned into a profitable business. Tune in to this episode to discover actionable insights from Dayquan's journey and learn how you, too, can build an excellent online music business from home.