Future of Digital Commerce - Alistair Crane CEO of Hero

Retail Podcast

27-07-2020 • 34 mins

The future of retail will no longer be flat, the customer will journey never just start in the store but can terminate there, store associates are experts and are the representation of the brand online, 4 x4 grid selling of ecommerce platforms are dead. The Future of retail is bright and thanks to business leaders like Alistair Crane, retail will bounce back.

In our last episode before the summer break, we get to talk with one of retails shining lights and saviours during the pandemic, enabling retailers to stay open and meet customers from London to New York and around the globe.

Alistair is CEO and Founding Partner at HERO® - a new breed of technology that accelerates omnichannel sales for the world's leading retailers by connecting online shoppers live with associates in the physical store.

During our conversation we discussed many areas, but focus on several key topics:

·       Shopping in the Live Stream

·       Ecommerce

·       Ultimate sales technologies

·       Future of Data

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