The Brilliant Minds Season - Kaave Pour Co Founder & CEO of SPACE10, Research and Design Lab.

Retail Podcast

17-12-2020 • 45 mins

Kaave Pour - “Everybody asks what are your problems, but for us solving a problem is not just fixing something that is broken, as that reaches zero (a neutral point), but by asking what are their dreams, what are their aspirations, it gives you very different answers”.

Our next season of thought-provoking leaders will be focused on conversations with “Brilliant Minds” and with guests such as Kaave Pour CEO & Co-Founder of SPACE10, what a great way to kick of the new season.

SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet, and to say that I was nervous while recording this episode is an understatement as you will see from my face for the first 20 minutes, I did anything but sit back and relax with one of the best minds of his generation and field. Do not believe me here is another quote taken from the podcast.

“Looking at people’s everyday life and how the societal, environmental and technological shift will influence the future of our lives, by finding the patterns that connect us to spaces and objects”.

SPACE10 | Research and Design Lab https://space10.com/

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