Season 3 - Episode 5- Grant McAree

The Dentistry on Purpose Podcast

05-06-2023 • 43 mins

Welcome to the Dentistry on Purpose Podcast.

In this episode Mark & Justin talk with Grant McAree.

Grant McAree Is a passionate dental mentor through and through. Wears his heart on his sleeve and has gained a reputation as the “no-nonsense, tell-all” dentist on social media. His Ugly Truth videos have now been watched hundreds of thousands of times across the globe earning him a marmite reputation. You either love him or you don't but listen to what he has to say - he has seen it and worn the T-shirt and is happy to tell all.

Grant grosses over £1 million a year on a 3-day week (Ethically!)

An author of the number 1 Amazon bestseller "It ain't rocket science"

A family man. Who enjoys time out, wine and a sunny beach with waves to surf on.

He has...

Created a Facebook page with over 6.8 thousand dentists and marketers.

Built 6 dental squat practices

Sold 5 million pounds worth of dental businesses

Achieved only 2 ‘O’ levels yet managed to get 2 degrees and become a dentist

Built one of the fastest-growing dental chatbots & CRM systems

Mentored dentists worldwide

Sell out courses for dentists to learn about dental marketing & business

Runner up for dental industry awards for his marketing & advertising course

Become a diamond Invisalign provider

Built the fastest-growing and one of the largest private squat practices in Devon over a 4 year period

Voted for but failed to make the top 50 most influential dentists in the UK. Maybe next year!

This is another amazing episode with an inspiring leader in dentistry.

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