Season 1 - Episode 8 - Sameer Patel

The Dentistry on Purpose Podcast

14-04-2022 • 47 mins

In this episode Mark & Justin talk with Sameer Patel, CEO, Partner and Co-Founder of e11even dental wellness, London and Partner at Blandy House Dental Practice, Henley on Thames.

On acquisition of e11even orthodontics 11 years ago, Sameer has played an instrumental role in metamorphosing a small two surgery, single speciality practice, into an 18-clinician multidisciplinary practice. He has, through carefully planned growth and acquisitions, grown it 600% in 9 years. He did this with many failures and would like to try and help you to avoid making the same mistakes.

His clinical ethos is centred around minimally invasive care which he instils into his hand-picked clinicians. His leadership, motivation, and team culture all stems from his sporting background. Sameer has played and captained at County and Club level both home and abroad with great success, bringing these vales into the dental setting.

He is known for his charity work, partnerships and annual percentage profit contributions to Smile Train, Keen, Salvation Army and dental missions to Uganda and India. His willingness to give for the greater good has been recognised amongst his fraternity peers and nationally. Sameer has appeared on Sky News, ITV and has been recommended by Tatler as "the go to Dental Surgeon in UK."

‘Excellence is a process and not a destination’- is his belief and a belief of all that surround him and work alongside him have come to know, love and practice.

Enjoy this conversation with another of the UK's leading names in dentistry.

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