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The Secret History of Antarctica: Death on the Ice

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The Secret History of Antarctica: Death on the Ice. From the team behind The Secret History of Flight 149 and The Secret History of the Estonia, journalist Stephen Davis investigates the mysterious death of a scientist at the South Pole in the year 2000, and interrogates why the investigation fails to uncover the truth. Producer: Anna Staufenberg Mixing and sound design: Rory Auskerry Executive producer: Steve Jones. Listen to the whole series by subscribing to the Crowd Stories channel on Apple Podcasts. Weekly episodes will be released for free on all platforms every Monday. Get them ad-free on Amazon Music. read less

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The Secret History of the Estonia. podcast starts with a warning, as some listeners may find the topic distressing. It concerns the shipwreck of a ferry in 1994 that cost 852 lives. Investigative journalist Stephen Davis leads this eight-episode series. Why did the authorities try to conceal the wreckage? What hides in the depths of the Baltic Sea that they don’t want people to find? Suspicion surrounds this story. As Stephen investigates, tales of smugglers and Cold War secrets come to the surface.

The MS Estonia left the Port of Tallinn on September 27, 1994. It’s the biggest port in Estonia, accounting for large volumes of cargo and passenger traffic. The ferry was on its way as part of a routine Baltic crossing to its destination in Stockholm. The first podcast episode starts during the storm that sank the ship. There are sounds of Mayday calls, and listeners can hear accounts from survivors. One had no choice but to jump. Another noticed a lack of life jackets and rafts as water flooded the ship. News reports talk of waves up to 30 feet high. The boat took less than an hour to sink.

As survivors share their horrific experiences, the podcast explores the aftermath. Family members of some of the victims talk about their search for answers. Stephen reveals how a secret meeting with an MI6 officer started his investigation. He talks about the fall of the Soviet Union and how it might relate to what happened in 1994. Then, Stephen shares significant evidence discovered by a journalist in 2020. How does it impact the investigation? What happened as a result?

The Secret History of the Estonia. podcast explores the secrets behind this tragedy. In each episode, Stephen shares new insights and evidence that provide possible answers. It’s like a true crime podcast steeped in grief, mystery, and intrigue. The full series is available, with update episodes arriving periodically.

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Flight 149 | Ep 1 | Take-off
Flight 149 | Ep 1 | Take-off
Listen to the whole series ad-free now by subscribing to the Crowd Stories channel on Apple Podcasts. When Flight 149 departed London Heathrow on 1 August 1990, the passengers and crew had no idea of the trauma that lay ahead. A routine stopover in Kuwait turned into a hostage crisis. Hear from the hostages themselves as they recall the horrifying realisation that their holiday had taken a very dark turn. Journalist Stephen Davis delves into what's been dubbed one of the biggest cover ups in modern history. Episode one of nine. Please note this episode contains references to violent sexual assault. British Airways gave us the following statement: "Our hearts go out to all those caught up in this shocking act of war just over 30 years ago, and who had to endure a truly horrendous experience. The records (released by the Government last year) confirmed British Airways was not warned about the invasion." The Foreign Office released a statement in 2021 that said: “On 1 of August the British Embassy in Kuwait told the local British Airways office that while flights on 1 August should be safe, subsequent flights were inadvisable”. It then repeated a previous statement to say: “the Government at the time did not attempt in any way to exploit the flight by any means whatever”. Coming January 2023: The Secret History of The Estonia. A tale of secrets, smuggling and spies and why 852 people died on a ferry. Stephen investigates the mystery behind Europe's worst peacetime shipping disaster since the Titanic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit