The Wizarding World of Disaster Prevention (w/Greg Lane)

Japan By River Cruise

12-06-2020 • 30 mins

Tokyo Cheapo Co-founder Greg Lane joins the boys to talk about a new Harry Potter theme park plus unmanned convenience stores. BTW, did you hear? JK Rowling says that just because they're "unmanned" doesn't make them women.

Also, Ollie recommends a river cruise that, on the one hand, is profiting off of racism, but on the other hand, has gathered a bunch of racists in one, pretty vulnerable location. Just saying. Plus, Bobby lets a bunch of angry river cruise shachos yell at Greg for 25 minutes.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • Tourism/event related business woes
  • Bobby's t-shirt
  • Overcorrecting perceived racism
  • The (main) difference between Michelle Obama and Bob Sapp
  • The plans to open a new Harry Potter park in Tokyo
  • Why Disney Prince is such an appealing career option
  • Why any modern business plan needs to be at least 50% the answer to the world's political and environmental problems
  • The liquefaction issues at Disney
  • How to make disaster prevention whimsical
  • Theme parks going contactless to prevent transfer of germs AND Sexual Misconduct accusations
  • How nice it is to have cashless.
  • Sorry, I meant how to "have a nice cashless."
  • Japan's weird order for technology adoption
  • Unmanned convenience stores
  • How all of the self-checkout technology either feels like shoplifting or lends to it
  • How going "personless" is still pretty meaningless because we all still end up touching each other anyway

Topics discussed in the extras range from:

  • How Ollie has bonded with the call center people
  • How travel companies and affiliate sites are splitting up that tourism money
  • Greg's insight into the tensions between the old guard and the new guard in the Japanese tourism industry
  • Behind the scenes in how the money gets handed out in the talent industry
  • What Greg has learned about the differences between how our Asian neighbors and our Western family members travel Japan
  • What you ARE allowed to do with those Mario Karts, but shouldn't
  • What Greg said to the family of four who wanted to book a night in a manga kissa
  • What the real work behind running a site like Tokyo Cheapo requires
  • Some of the ways in which Japan DOES rip off tourists
  • What Greg SHOULDN'T say about tourists, but then does
  • How much it costs to for Jiro-dreams-of sushi to jerk you off

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