Jobbing Out - April 13, 2017 (NXT author Jon Robinson joins)

Jobbing Out

13-04-2017 • 1 hr 50 mins

There's been a shakeup in the WWE Universe, so the crew breaks down all the moves, from the mid-card titles switching, Rusev moving to Smackdown, and Bray Wyatt moving to RAW. They talk about what the moves mean for Payback, and if this could lead to a little bit of breaking down of the brand walls. Plus, where does this go in the long-term for a Smackdown roster that suddenly has people thinking back to the days of the Smackdown Six. In segment 2 (36:00) the guys start by talking about the awesomeness that was Braun Strowman flipping over a freakin ambulance. Basically it's their excuse to just rave about it, but they do ask where they go with Braun and Roman, and how people are expected to boo a guy who does something as awesome as flipping an ambulance. Then (50:30) they discuss everything that's going on with Mauro Ranallo, JBL, Jonathan Coachman, and everything else swirling around the bullying scandal. AJ talks about his experience in the NFL, especially being in the Dolphins locker room the same year the Richie Ingognito/Jonathan Martin situation went down. He shares his story, which doesn't go the same way many people believe it. They all talk about the culture of hazing in wrestling, and around all walks of life, and what should happen to JBL. Finally, in segment 3 (1:12:00) they're joined by Jon Robinson, who wrote NXT: The Future Is Now. They talk about the current state of NXT, and what the key moments were to get to this point. Plus they ask Jon what he thinks about where NXT might go in the future, if it could ever get on TV, and if it could ever get overexposed. Finally, they wrap up by talking about ROH in Baltimore, Forbes highest paid list, and if James Laurinaitis could end up in WWE.