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The "Profits with Pajak" is a weekly podcast that focuses on providing actionable strategies and insights for small business owners in the green industry. Hosted by John Pajak, each episode features in-depth discussions with successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and industry experts, who share their experiences and lessons learned on building and growing profitable businesses. From financial planning and operations advice, to marketing and sales tips, the podcast covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to small business owners in the green industry. The show is designed to help listeners unlock the full potential of their businesses, by providing practical advice and proven strategies for creating sustainable profits in the green industry. Whether you're just starting out or are looking to take your business to the next level, the "Profits with Pajak" podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to grow their business and create long-term success in the green industry. read less
The True Cost of Flexibility: Rethinking Customer Accommodations Ep. #121
5d ago
The True Cost of Flexibility: Rethinking Customer Accommodations Ep. #121
In today’s episode, we're going to unravel a common challenge that many of us are facing — the impact of accommodating customer requests to skip services. We've all been there, bending over backward to keep our clients happy, but at what cost? Stay tuned as we dissect how these well-intended practices have affected our revenues and what we can do as business owners to safeguard our companies moving forward into 2024 Comments and Questions are welcome.  Send to Episode Links: Apple Podcast Listeners- Copy and paste the links below into your browser.   LCR SUMMIT 2024 Cyber Monday/Thanksgiving Weekend Super Sale – Get 50% off the 2-day event! This special offer is valid only until Monday night, so act fast to secure your spot at the LCR Summit 2024.   Want to go deep into your numbers to maximize your profits?  Sign up for the Budgets, Breakevens, and Bottom Lines™ Workshop at   Yardbook Training Workshops can streamline your business and make you more money. Click to sign up now.   Connect with Mr. Producer on Instagram Show Partners: Simplify your business and be more profitable.  Please visit   Click here to upgrade your Yardbook account to a Premium Plan and get 30 days FREE with promo code PAJAK   Green Frog Web Design: “GET YOUR 1ST MONTH FOR ONLY $1 WHEN YOU USE THE CODE (PAJAK) AND HAVE YOUR WEBSITE LIVE IN 3 WEEKS FROM THE PROJECTED START DATE OR IT’S FREE FOR A YEAR.”