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Generation AI: Automating Better Business is a podcast for those who understand that the technology decisions of today will shape the world of tomorrow. Each episode tackles the most exciting developments in AI and the ways it can drive business outcomes — while never losing sight of the people it serves. If you're looking for a community of bold builders, daring innovators and curious humans, you’ve found it.

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Bonus Episode: Who Governs AI – and Our Culture?
Bonus Episode: Who Governs AI – and Our Culture?
Great news: Generation AI is coming back for Season 2! While we prepare for our next season, please enjoy this illuminating bonus episode, in which Joe interviews Ori Freiman from McMaster University's Digital Society Lab and the Centre for International Governance Innovation's Digital Policy Hub.There is no lack of societal concern around the advent of AI in our everyday lives. Its influence on the cultural fabric of our world is becoming more and more advanced each day. AI can cause conflict, but it can also be used to help solve disputes and build consensus. So how do we parse out how to use AI — and who makes the rules over how it is governed and regulated?Ori Freiman joins the podcast to discuss the impact of AI-generated content on culture, the challenges in regulating tech giants, and the ethical considerations of AI's influence on education. Plus, we'll get into some more futuristic topics like how AI takes on an element of humanity — because it can actually build its own culture.With Joe and Ori, take a dive into:- The interplay between AI and culture, examining the potential of AI-generated content and its influence on cultural narratives- Insights into the regulatory challenges faced by policymakers, including concerns about multinational corporations' sway over regulation- The ethical dimensions of AI in education: positive and negative influences and the varying adoption trends among different age groups