IFB334: Finding Investing Inspiration - Analyzing the Top Companies of the Year, Year After Year

The Investing for Beginners Podcast - Your Path to Financial Freedom

22-02-2024 • 27 mins

Welcome back to the Investing for Beginners podcast! In today's episode, Dave and Andrew delve into the concept of "draft classes" for companies, analyzing the top-performing companies of various years and discussing the implications for investors. They examine the performance of companies like Amazon, Nvidia, AMD, and others, and explore the lessons that can be learned from these draft classes. Join us as we uncover the insights from this fascinating discussion and learn how past performance can influence future investment decisions. Stay tuned for a deep dive into the world of investing and the valuable lessons to be gleaned from the past. 00:00 NVDA and AMD awesome, others not great. 04:09 Analyzing stock performance through batting averages. 08:31 Mixed performance for Square, Zoom, Peloton, Moderna. 12:05 Nvidia and Amazon have good track records. 15:26 Stock market trends over 30 years. 18:17 Timing market for Nvidia may impact returns. 20:48 Manage investment decisions carefully to avoid impulsiveness. For more insight like this into investing and stock selection for beginners, visit stockmarketpdf.com  Find great investments at Value Spotlight Have questions? Send them to newsletter@einvestingforbeginners.com SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon | Tunein Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices