Investing in Financial Knowledge with Val Agostino of Monarch Money

The Investing for Beginners Podcast - Your Path to Financial Freedom

28-12-2023 • 42 mins

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Investing For Beginners Podcast. I'm your host, Dave, and together with Andrew, we're excited to welcome Val Agostino on today's episode. Val is not just an expert in personal finance, but also the co-founder and CEO of Monarch Money, a trailblazing financial management platform. Today's discussion, Val, will focus on the critical importance of building financial security and the pitfalls of relying on free apps that may compromise your privacy. Val brings his extensive experience from his time at Mint and discusses's mission to align with users' financial goals without selling personal data. Get ready to explore the value of consistent financial action, the advantages of a user-centric paid platform, and the power of collaboration in money management. It promises to be a deeply informative session, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their financial savviness. Go to monarchmoney dot com/BEGINNERS for an extended 30 day free trial. 00:00 Fascination with Internet led to 5 startups. 04:17 Entrepreneurial advice: Find passion, gain experience first. 07:04 Product manager: connector between market and product. 10:19 Mint shows financial info, but what's next? 15:30 Mint's shutdown was inevitable due to expenses. 16:29 Consumers expect free apps, leading data concerns. 21:22 Calculate emergency fund, set goals, track spending. 23:37 Money should be collaborative, not isolating. 28:47 Monthly financial review fosters open communication, cooperation. 30:24 Analyze spending, income, prioritize goals, create future. 35:33 Passionate about alleviating financial stress through software. 37:02 Easy to use, highly recommended, absolute love. For more insight like this into investing and stock selection for beginners, visit  Find great investments at Value Spotlight Have questions? Send them to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit