#154 Lindsay Scott, The PMO Flash Mob Collector (Part 1)(Rerun)

The Sunday Lunch Project Manager

20-02-2024 • 43 mins

In this episode I have a rerun of part 1 of my chat with Lindsay Scott, The PMO Mob Collector. Lindsay Scott co-founded Arras People in 2002 following a career at Esso and Hewlett Packard. Following her graduation from Manchester University, Lindsay went onto work within the recruitment arm of Esso before leaving to join Hewlett Packard. At Hewlett Packard, she worked within the professional services consulting division, first as a Project Co-ordinator and then the Project Office Manager for the division. It was during her time at Hewlett Packard, recruiting for a project office of 20+ members that Lindsay came face to face with the issues of recruiting good project management professionals.  When the opportunity came along to set up her own business she knew there was definitely a place in the UK recruitment market for a recruitment agency that really understood its subject matter.  Lindsay manages the marketing and sales function at Arras People today; in addition, she still occasionally recruits for PMO roles (because she can’t resist!) and provides careers clinics for PMO professionals. Lindsay also carries out speaking engagements on project management careers topics and can be contacted through Arras People for more information.  For more information about Lindsay take a look at the following links: Website:: arraspeople.co.uk or pmoflashmob.org Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/pmolindsay Twitter: www.twitter.com/arraspeople Blog: arraspeople.co.uk/camel-blog

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