Angel Olsen with Nic Russo (Dick Stusso)

Talkhouse Podcast

20-09-2018 • 40 mins

When I got an email saying that Angel Olsen was a huge fan of a relatively new, still somewhat obscure singer-songwriter and wanted to record a Talkhouse Podcast episode with him, I knew I wanted to check him out immediately. As soon as I heard the new LP from Nic Russo (who goes by the name "Dick Stusso"), I was in. The two spoke from their homes in Asheville, NC (Olsen) and Oakland, CA (Russo), and covered a lot of ground. Nic talked about his skewed musicality and backstory, Angel spoke a ton about the direction she taking on her next LP, and even revealed which superstar producer she just worked with out in L.A. Check it out, and subscribe now to stay in the loop on future episodes of the Talkhouse Podcast. — Elia Einhorn, Talkhouse Podcast host and producer This episode was recorded by Kenny Harrington in Asheville, Tarek Fouda in Oakland, and Mark Yoshizumi at Hook and Fade Studios in Brooklyn. It was co-produced by Mark Yoshizumi. The Talkhouse Podcast’s theme song was composed and performed by The Range.