Win the Day Podcast

Becky Allen

Hard things change us. They just do. And they should. But what now? How do we pick up the pieces that are left and write a new story? How do we reconcile what we thought was going to be with what now is? How do we come to a place of acceptance and surrender and let God do a new thing? Having navigated my fair share of life’s curve balls (cancer survivor, infertility, widow, single mom) I’ve come to understand that hard things change us. But you know what? Even your heart ache is not a surprise to God…and neither is what comes next. Ready to be win each day and walk this out with us? Subscribe, hit play and let's dig in! read less


Letting the Struggle Make You Stronger
Letting the Struggle Make You Stronger
Mike’s faith has always played a role in his life but it wasn’t until he lost his mom to cancer in 2013 that his faith became a lifeline. Grief can bring clarity and alignment in ways nothing else can. With a new found depth of faith and purpose, Mike used life’s hard things to ask ‘what’ rather than ‘why’. After a series of events Mike, along with his brother in law, founded PATH apparel.  PATH aims to make a difference in the lives of those around us by sharing the good news about Jesus and helping to support those in need all around the world. It reminds us there is purpose in our story and what we go through. One day, on earth or in Heaven, we will look back and see how God was always weaving things together for His good.  Listen now to hear Mike and I’s conversation about finding purpose through pain and turning to our faith in life’s most difficult moments. Mike’s perspective, attitude and faith will help you see even though life isn’t easy we have a savior we can turn to for guidance, peace, strength and hope. Our relationship with Jesus provides the perseverance we need to overcome the hurdles we face in life. Mike is the Owner and Co-Founder of PATH Apparel, Husband and Father of 3 girls. His purpose for launching PATH Apparel was to create a Christian lifestyle brand that sparks conversations and creates opportunities to share the good news about Jesus. You can check out the brand at PATHAPPAREL.COM. Show notes