(Archive) 43. Dr. Ellen Vora with A New Approach to Mental Health

All Too Well

01-05-2019 • 1 hr 16 mins

The excellent Dr. Ellen Vora is on the podcast today, and we’re big fans because yes, she’s really cool, but she’s also not down with the over-prescription of meds as treatment. Ellen believes that the power to heal lies within each of us. She’s not anti-medications, but she is all about trying other, more holistic approaches to healing first. Today we’re talking all things functional and holistic, with a special focus on everybody’s favorite, anxiety!

Dr. Ellen Vora is a board-certified psychiatrist, acupuncturist and yoga teacher. She’s all about taking a functional medicine approach to mental health, considering the whole person and addressing the problem at the root, rather than reflexively prescribing medication to suppress symptoms.

We’d loved this conversation with Dr. Vora, and know you will too, so listen up as she sheds some light on...

  • What the heck a holistic psychiatrist is

  • Why she practices functional medicine

  • Anxiety and how we all have it

  • Shame around mental illness

  • The transition into motherhood + the support needed around it

  • The subsets of anxiety and the feelings of it

  • Asking why with your symptoms

  • What to do with an anxiety diagnosis

  • Common culprits (caffeine is one of them)

  • Getting off of anti-anxiety medications

  • Digestive health and what we really want in our gut

  • Food that’s available to children

  • Her quick fix for you to start doing now


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