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Bridging the gap between your Christian values and entrepreneurship. We’re diving into topics like faith-infused business strategies, time management, identifying your unique gifts, and overcoming challenges for the Christian mom on her entrepreneurial journey trying to juggle it all. We’ll explore how to harness your God-given gifts to not just start a business but to craft a purpose-driven brand. Ready to make your business dreams a reality while staying true to your faith? Then hit that ’Subscribe’ button and join a community of purpose-driven women! read less
Christian Mompreneur: Spark Your entrepreneurial Dreams for a Strong Finish in 2023
1w ago
Christian Mompreneur: Spark Your entrepreneurial Dreams for a Strong Finish in 2023
A you a Christian mom with a strong desire to start a business? Some of you have been sleeping on a business idea for too long. It is time to action! There are people out there that need what you have to offer. If this is you and you’ve spinning out in confusion and lack of clarity, let’s turn that around. 1:1 coaching is designed to bring focus and confidence into your entrepreneurship journey.   Hey, ambitious Christian mamas! Are you sitting on a business dream that's been waiting to bloom? It's time to wake it up and turn your aspirations into reality! In this episode, we're breaking through the barriers of confusion and uncertainty. Your unique gifts and ideas are needed in the world, and there's no better time than now to take action. Join me for an empowering discussion on unleashing your entrepreneurial potential before the year concludes. Plus, I'm extending an exclusive invitation to join my 1:1 coaching program. Let's work together to bring focus, clarity, and confidence to your entrepreneurial journey. Don't let your dreams hibernate any longer. Tune in and let's make your business aspirations a reality! I pray this blesses you!  . . Ready to walking boldly and pursue your business dreams?  I have 3 open 1:1 coaching spots.  Let's have a no-pressure conversation about your dreams and aspirations, and see if we're a good match. Book a clarity call [ here ] with me, and let's explore the possibilities together!   Next Steps: Follow along on Instagram  Jessica's Instagram Podcast's Instagram Website