076 That's What Friends Are For

The Setlist of Life

09-04-2024 • 1 hr 3 mins

In this episode, the bandmates of Dolly For Sue discuss their recent adventures and share some April Fool's Day pranks. They talk about Kirsten's trip to Dublin and Portugal, including a mishap with train tickets. They also share tidbits about Irish dancing, ghost tours in Dublin, and April Fool's Day jokes. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss various topics including Whopper flavored toothpaste, taste testing different foods, glass blowing, the Barkley Marathon, band names, and pronunciation differences. They also mention their upcoming activities and share some funny anecdotes.


The bandmates share their recent adventures and mishaps

They discuss the fun and hospitality of Ireland

They reminisce about past April Fool's Day pranks

They talk about the cultural significance of Irish dancing Whopper flavored toothpaste and other unique food flavors can be interesting marketing gimmicks

Taste testing different foods and products can be a fun and entertaining activity

Glass blowing is a challenging and impressive art form

The Berkeley Marathon is a grueling race with unique rules and challenges

Coming up with band names can be a creative and entertaining process

Pronunciation differences can vary regionally and lead to humorous misunderstandings

Sound Bites

"We were super excited because we upgraded to first class for like six euros a person"

"Billy in the bowl was born with no legs and this is where they had wheelchairs"

"My dad loves April Fool's Day. He used to just torture the crap out of us"

"Smells like a Whopper in here. Did you brush your teeth?"

"If I can get my hands on a bag, I'll bring it for taste testing."

"I think it sounds like the most boring show in the world."


00:00 Introduction and Song Choice

00:55 April Fool's Day Pranks

10:52 Spring Break Stories

16:25 Ghost Tours and Tidbits

26:05 April Fool's Day Pranks: Past and Present

30:34 The Cultural Significance of Irish Dancing

31:57 Whopper Flavored Toothpaste and Other Unique Food Flavors

32:57 The Fun of Taste Testing and Product Testing

36:23 The Art and Challenges of Glass Blowing

39:45 The Grueling Berkeley Marathon

44:21 Creative Band Name Ideas

55:08 Pronunciation Differences and Humorous Misunderstandings