072 Missing You

The Setlist of Life

05-03-2024 • 1 hr 3 mins

In this episode, Kirsten discusses her recent trip to Amsterdam and London, sharing her experiences and highlights. We also talk about the orientation of their seating arrangement and the feng shui of their basement studio. The conversation then shifts to the topic of adventures, with us sharing our favorite adventure experiences. We also discuss the importance of helmets while biking and the challenges of navigating public transportation in foreign cities. The episode concludes with a discussion about maps and family projects. In this episode, we reminisce about childhood parties and games, reflecting on the fun and creativity involved. We discuss the timing of having children and the pros and cons of having them close in age. We also share our thoughts on becoming grandparents and the different experiences of parenting at different ages. We share small world stories and discuss the off-leash dog culture in London. The episode concludes with some closing remarks and reflections on the podcast.


Amsterdam and London offer unique travel experiences with beautiful sights and historical landmarks.

The orientation of seating arrangements can impact the energy and flow of a space.

Adventure experiences can vary greatly and create lasting memories.

Wearing helmets while biking is important for safety, but cultural norms may differ in different countries.

Maps and family projects can be fun and educational ways to engage with geography and creativity. Childhood parties and games can create lasting memories and foster creativity.

The timing of having children can impact the experience of parenting.

Having children close in age can have both advantages and challenges.

Becoming grandparents can be an exciting new chapter in life.

Small world connections can be surprising and bring people closer together.

Off-leash dog culture varies in different parts of the world.


00:00 Introduction and Missing Leslie

03:20 Discussion about Amsterdam and London

06:13 Traveling in Europe and Challenges

08:07 Biking and Helmets in Amsterdam

11:04 Discussion about Belgium and Language

13:05 Discussion about Winston Churchill and London

16:03 Discussion about Adventure and Travel Experiences

26:35 Discussion about Maps and Family Projects

32:50 Childhood Parties and Games

36:15 Reflections on Parenting and Age

38:08 Becoming Grandparents

39:08 Timing of Having Children

40:08 Pros and Cons of Having Children Close in Age

41:05 Age of Parents When Having Children

44:49 The Small World Phenomenon

45:43 Leap Year and Special Occasions

48:01 Reflecting on the Podcast

49:56 Linguistics and Small World Connections

53:20 Small World Stories

56:07 Dogs and Connections to Iowa

58:08 Off-Leash Dogs in London

01:02:45 Closing Remarks