070 On The Road Again

The Setlist of Life

13-02-2024 • 1 hr 19 mins

Hello there! Today we discuss recent trips, band names, permanent jewelry, historical accuracy, and endurance. We also share personal stories and fears. The conversation covers various topics including the documentary 'Chowchilla', psychologists' beliefs about mental trauma for children, personal preferences for dark and light entertainment, watching the series 'Marcella', jokes and humor, keeping old cars and sentimental items, college transcripts, Swedish death cleaning and letting go of the past, Valentine's Day plans and mixology class, watching 'The Bachelor', and the concept of love and value for everyone.


Trips and experiences can provide inspiration for band names and creative projects.

History is not always accurate, and even historical records can be manipulated.

Endurance and perseverance are key to achieving goals and breaking records.

Personal fears and preferences vary, and it's important to respect individual boundaries. The documentary 'Chowchilla' explores the traumatic experience of a group of kidnapped children and the psychological effects it had on them.

Psychologists used to believe that children would simply get over traumatic experiences, but the Chowchilla incident was one of the first cases that showed the long-lasting effects of trauma on children.

Personal preferences for entertainment can vary, with some individuals enjoying dark and intense shows while others prefer lighter and more uplifting content.

Keeping sentimental items and old cars can hold personal value, but it's important to consider decluttering and finding a balance between holding onto memories and letting go of unnecessary items.

Valentine's Day can be celebrated in various ways, from watching 'The Bachelor' to attending mixology classes or simply showing love and appreciation for everyone in your life.



00:00 Introduction and Setting

02:21 Band Names and Basement Jams

06:26 Recent Trips and Travel Plans

13:14 Review of a Broadway Show

18:14 The Bayeux Tapestry and Historical Accuracy

23:25 Permanent Jewelry and Wearing Rings

29:22 Casey Neistat's Marathon Journey

35:58 New York Trip and Lego Store

40:03 Endurance and Free Diving

41:50 Fear of Suffocation and Burial

42:19 Discussion about the documentary 'Chowchilla'

43:18 Psychologists' beliefs about mental trauma for children

44:36 Resilience of the children in the Chowchilla incident

45:30 Personal preferences for dark and light entertainment

46:00 Watching the series 'Marcella'

47:16 Jokes and humor

48:33 Discussion about car voices and experiences

49:30 Word of the day and vocabulary

50:56 Keeping old cars and sentimental items

52:46 Discussion about keeping old items and decluttering

54:18 Discussion about college transcripts

57:13 Personal experiences with college transcripts

58:22 Swedish death cleaning and letting go of the past

59:49 Discussion about boxes of past memories

01:00:46 Valentine's Day plans and mixology class

01:08:01 Discussion about watching 'The Bachelor'

01:13:16 Discussion about watching dark shows and 'The Bachelor'

01:14:38 Discussion about love and Valentine's Day

01:16:58 Discussion about love and relationships on 'The Bachelor'

01:17:26 Discussion about love and value for everyone